County Stormbringer

Grounds Composite


I’m in a roleplay guild with a really great group of men and women. House Gawad Du is comprised of vampires, werewolves, and mortals, and we make our home in Rivenspire in Daggerfall Covenant territory. My character, Amelia (the same one from the fanfic), is married to Count Vallanil Stormbringer, making her a countess. County Stormbringer is a neighboring community to Count White Haven, of which the lords and ladies of House Gawad Du are a part. The Stormbringers and Gawad Dus are very close, like family, and have literally gone to Coldharbour and back for each other.

After some discussion with a fellow guildie, I decided to create models of Stormbringer Manor, the grounds, and environs. For those who know Rivenspire, the manor is on the north beach, on a bluff near the dolmen. Except for the hideous dark anchors that pop up every once in a while, it provides a lovely oceanside view. In the game, nothing is there but high, flinty rocks, but in my headcannon, I leveled those rocks off and built a nice path up the hill.

I created the floor plans in PaintShop Pro and put the buildings and grounds together in Google Sketchup. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this here while the Lady of Storms fanfic is in its infancy, but I worked pretty hard on it, and who knows how long it will be until the story progresses this far, or if it even will get to this? Thus, I decided to share now. The above pic is an aerial shot of the grounds. More detailed shots to follow.



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