Lady of Storms

AmeliaAmelia Degarmo thinks she is experienced, having spent the last few years adventuring and working as a mercenary and thief. She has always believed there is no good or evil, only choices; but all that changes when she is dragged from her bedroll and laid on an altar to be sacrificed. She wakes up in her own bed, and would believe it was a dream except for the dagger wound in her chest. Was it Divine intervention? Magic? A clever trick? As she travels Daggerfall covenant territory, she finds herself in ever-more perilous situations, discovers complicated intrigues, and makes decisions that will save or destroy lives. After a while it becomes clear that someone or something is helping her. How far will she go to find out who saved her from sacrifice and why?


Characters and settings ©2014 Bethesda Softworks LLC



Part I: Glenumbra


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