Featured Artist – Andy C. White

I found this person’s gallery on DeviantArt and was just blown away. These are just a few of her fabulous pieces. Sorry about the large size, but to shrink them down wouldn’t do them justice. If you like fan art of any kind, check her out. andycwhite.deviantart.com



Featured Article

I came upon this article by modji-33 on DeviantArt and wanted to share it. It is incredibly important for anybody who writes fanfiction. As a beta reader, I’m especially fond of Number 3. I can’t stress enough how important it is for a writer to proofread his or her work! I hope you enjoy the article, and that you take something valuable away from it.


Change to Tarot Template, ESO and 28-DCD Days 7 and 8

So much to talk about today! First of all, after some permission issues, I’ve made a minor change to my tarot template, and I’ll be redoing every single one of my damn tarot cards. My followers will likely get a ton of notifications, so I apologize in advance for the spam. If I can figure out a way to do it without notifications, I will, because the change is so minor, people probably won’t even notice it.

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Birthday Art for Me

I’ve made lots of good friends in the fourteen or fifteen months since I started playing Skyrim, posting fanfiction, and creating my tarot cards. But I never imagined somebody would actually make fan art for me. Today is my birthday, and a couple of my friends on deviantART created artwork for me. I appreciate it so much and wanted to share.

This beautiful pic of Selene, Brynjolf, and baby Rowan is by Nikki, one of my best Skyrim buddies:

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