Lord Periore Joror


This is Periore, an OC from ESO, belonging to Aymen. Peri, an Altmer, was a werewolf who took a sketchy cure and almost died. He pleaded with his uncle (Evens, who I have also posted) to save him by turning him, so now he’s a vampire.

DAZ Studio with Postwork in PaintShop Pro
Images ©Zenimax Online Studios, 2015
Periore belongs to Aymen


Marie Gawadunen

Marie Swing UpdatedA portrait of my OC Marie with her pet fox, Liska. If the fox’s name sounds familiar, it’s because I recycled it from my Selene Stormblade series. “Liska” is Lithuanian (I think) for “fox.”

Done in DAZ 3D with postwork done in PaintShop Pro X6.

Stock Images:
Swing Texture by BirdseyeStock on DeviantArt: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Gold-Tile-Textures-272128644
Background by Rhawbar-Troll-Stock on DeviantArt: http://www.deviantart.com/art/N-Carolina-Meadow-Stock-329193157
Fox by Momotte2stocks on DeviantArt: http://whisper292.deviantart.com/art/Wild-animal-158-foxie-is-