Lady of Storms One – Assassination Plot

LOS 1 - Amelia in MirrorAbject terror. That was the first and last thing she remembered. She had been taken out of her bedroll by several masked thugs and rendered unconscious with some kind of spell. When she awoke, she was stripped of her armor and weapons, bound on an altar, and a high elf was standing over her with a blade, chanting. She didn’t even have time to scream before the blade came down and she blacked out.

Amelia Degarmo opened her eyes in her own bed, and if not for the fact that she was wearing someone else’s armor, she might have thought the mage and the altar had just been a terrible dream. Well, the armor and the pain in her chest. Just over her heart was a puncture wound the size of a dagger’s tip, not deep enough to kill her, but significant nonetheless. How in the name of the Divines had she survived that, and how had she gotten back here?

“What a week I’m having,” Amelia muttered to herself.

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Molag Bal – Magic: the Gathering, ESO Style

Molag Bal

Nasty creature card. The core ability Undying means that after the card is placed in the graveyard and doesn’t already have a marker on it, it can be placed back on the battlefield in the control of the original caster with a +1/+1 marker. You just can’t keep the daedra down for long, especially the big guy.

UPDATED 1/16/15 to make him more powerful, as the Big Bad of ESO should be.

Collaboration with the hubby and my girl, who took the screenshot

Screenshots courtesy of Zenimax Online Studios
Card made at

The Bard – Magic: the Gathering, ESO Style

The Bard

Magic: the Gathering card created at  This is a collaboration with the hubby. Pic is a photomanip from Elder Scrolls Online screenshots, ©2014, Zenimax Online.

For anybody who knows MtG, this is ESO’s answer to Timmy.

Photomanip by me
Collaboration with the hubby
Screenshots courtesy of Zenimax Online Studios
Card made at