Skyrim Tarot, ESO Fanfic, and a Dilemma

Welp, as of today, I have completed all the creation and tweaking of my Skyrim Tarot. Still haven’t heard back from Bethesda with permission, but I’m working on the companion book anyway. I’m getting a lot of help from some trusted tarot sites and a good friend with a lot of Skyrim knowledge, so the book is starting to really shape up.

I’m almost done with Dragonborn: The Legacy. I posted the last big chapter today and only the epilogue remains. After that, I think I’m going to move on to some Elder Scrolls Online fanfic. The problem is that I have two stories in my head, so I have to decide if I want to write two at once, write one and hope I don’t lose the other one, or just abandon the second one. Plus, if I do that, which one do I abandon? Decisions, decisions.

If any of you guys have ever juggled two fanfics before, how did you do? Did you find yourself favoring one? Did you ever abandon one part of the way in just because you got more emotionally involved in the other? Or did you find that since you were dividing your attention, both fanfics suffered for it? Any advice fanfic jugglers have would be much appreciated.


Dragonborn: The Legacy 32 – Explosions

Chapter 32 - Rowan et al 25E 20, 8 Last Seed

Rowan and Dolff took a few days to enjoy being married, and though she dreaded the coming journey, she was happier than she had ever been. Farkas and Vilkas took some time to get reacquainted before Vilkas and Athis returned to Jorrvaskr, with the promise that they would stay in touch. Ben spent his time working on extra magic protection gear for himself and the other Dragonborns, especially for fire, in anticipation of whatever assault the Coat of Storms might throw at them.

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Dragonborn: The Legacy 31 – Reunion and Union

Chapter 31 - Farkas and Vilkas5E 20, 2 Last Seed
After months of hearing nothing but secondhand information and idle gossip about Rowan and Ben, Vilkas had decided it was time to find out for himself what was going on. He knew Ulfric had passed away and Dolff had taken the throne as Jarl of Windhelm, but he hadn’t received so much as a letter from any of them since it had happened. Rumors were rampant, of course, and when Coranil and Kaaley—whom he’d had suspicions about for quite some time—suddenly disappeared from Whiterun for several weeks, he began to plan a trip to Windhelm. Athis had refused to let him travel alone, so the two of them had set out a few days ago, and they arrived at the Palace of the Kings just after noon.

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Dragonborn: The Legacy 30 – All Grown Up

Chapter 30 - Ben and Selene 45E 20, 26 Sun’s Height
Ben took the time to enchant a black hood to give himself some protection from the sun; and he, Rowan, and their parents set out for Riften the next day. Since Odahviing couldn’t carry four people, Selene and Brynjolf borrowed horses. Ben teased his father, who was in his mid-fifties, about such a long journey on horseback.

“Are you sure your bones can handle the ride, old man?”

“I can still kick your arse, little boy, especially during the day. You’re in a weakened state till sundown, so you’d better watch your mouth. I haven’t turned you over my knee since you were ten, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still do it.”

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Dragonborn: The Legacy 29 – Nocturnal’s Demand

Chapter 29 - Selene, Brynjolf and Karliah5E 20, 21 Sun’s Height
Selene was in a place of shadow, and she could barely see two feet in front of her face, but she was as comfortable as if she were in her own home. She would find her way with her sense of smell, and the Shadows would guide and protect her. But tonight, it seemed they were more interested in speaking with her than keeping her hidden.

“Selene,” the Shadows whispered repeatedly.

She tried to make her way through the darkness, but they called her name insistently, some of them tugging gently on her arm or cape. “What?” she demanded finally.

“Come to us. Embrace the Shadows. Embrace Nocturnal. Seek her out in the Hall.”

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