ESO Beta Key and 28-DCD Days 25-28

Bethesda loves me. They’re having another beta weekend, one I can actually participate in, and they gave me extra keys for the hubby and the munchkins. I can’t wait!

I missed yesterday for the 28-DCD, so I decided to just go ahead and finish up the last four days today so I don’t forget again. I’ve really enjoyed doing this, and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too. Here are the final entries for Coranil and Kaaley.

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Dragonborn: The Legacy 22 – Vigil

Chapter 22 - Castle Volkihar5E 20, 6 Midyear

Serana stood over Vingalmo, who knelt in the prison cell with hands bound tightly behind his back, impatiently willing him to answer her questions. She had waited for days while he had lain unconscious, wondering if he would ever even recover from the trauma of a trip to Coldharbour. And now that he was finally awake, he wasn’t cooperating. Orthjolf stood by, his hands balled into fists, just itching for the chance to hurt the Altmer.

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28-DCD Days 23 and 24

Day 23: What is your character’s alignment? Yeah…that alignment.  We’re all nerds.   There are online quizzes and everything.

Coranil is true neutral, leaning toward good. Kaaley is chaotic neutral, with good tendencies.


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Skyrim Tarot – Eight of Cups

Cups - 8The Eight of Cups tells the seeker it is time to let go. It represents a departure and encourages abandonment of a hopeless or unfulfilling situation.

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
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Erik’s armor is from Omegared99’s Armor Compilation on Nexus –

28-DCD Days 21 and 22

Day 21: Relationships

Coranil: He has only recently come to trust Ben Stormblade. He kept an eye on Ben when he first came to Whiterun and believed the young mage was not to be trusted, even if he was close companions with Rowan and Dolff. But over several months, Ben proved himself to be trustworthy. When Coranil was tortured by the Thalmor, Ben expended massive amounts of magicka and energy to heal him, and they spent a lot of time talking on the trip back to Whiterun. Coranil now considers Ben one of his closest friends and would lay down his life for him.

Kaaley: She absolutely loves Ulfric Stormcloak. She admires his strength and his intelligence, as well as the courage it took for him to change his beliefs about elves. She also thinks he’s just adorable.


Day 22: Dear Future Me (What does your character want to know?)

Coranil: To Coranil: Have you forgiven yourself yet?

Kaaley: Dear Kaaley: Is this thing with Coranil going to go anywhere, or am I just going to continue leaving chicken feathers on his counter for the next century? It’s a shallow question, I know, but I can be shallow like that. Love and kisses, Kaaley

Skyrim Tarot – Page of Septims

Septims - PThe Page of Septims hints at a financial opportunity or new job but admonishes the seeker to use common sense. Be practical and take a realistic approach to your endeavors.

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
Scroll by Hatestock on deviantART –