The Dragonborn’s Tale 20 – Miscarriage

Chapter 20 - Selene and BrynjolfThe torture seemed to last forever, and Selene finally blacked out. She woke up lying on the floor in Miraak’s temple with her head in Brynjolf’s lap. The pain in her abdomen wasn’t as bad, but there was definite cramping, and her back hurt. It also felt like she was lying in water.

But it wasn’t water, and she knew it without even having to look down. It was blood. She reached up, wrapped her arms around Brynjolf’s neck, and began to cry. “Bryn, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have gone.”

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The Dragonborn’s Tale 19 – Miraak

Chapter 19 - Selene and Brynjolf at Miraak's Temple 1

Selene lay very still, silent so as not to wake Brynjolf, with her hand on her stomach, waiting. She had awakened to a fluttering in her belly that hadn’t felt like a normal hunger pang, and she was convinced she had felt the baby moving. Brynjolf stirred an hour later, sat up in his bedroll and rubbed his eyes.

“Morning,” he said sleepily.


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The Dragonborn’s Tale 18 – Into Darkness (Updated)

A/N: A friend on deviantART mentioned that my Lurker died a bit too easily, so I did some research, and boy was he right! I’ve redone the fight scene with the Lurker to make it a bit more realistic.

Chapter 18 - Bloodskal Barrow

Selene and Brynjolf spent the morning in Raven Rock, getting to know the vendors and some of the other townspeople, most of them Dunmer. Although getting to Miraak’s temple was urgent, they weren’t ready to rush right in, either. They wanted to ask some more questions and basically get a feel for the island before venturing off into uncharted territory. As expected, everyone they spoke to had the same reaction as Glover and Adril when asked about Miraak, although some did mention the temple at the center of the island.

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Skyrim Tarot – Eight of Staves

Staves - 8The Eight of Staves suggests swift progress toward a goal, new opportunities, a quick, unexpected trip, or maybe love. Things may be chaotic, but jump in, maintain your focus, and trust your instincts.

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
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Skyrim Tarot – Five of Swords

Swords - 5 REVISEDThere are many different interpretations to this card, depending on who you ask. The most common hints that it is a card of trickery or a victory by manipulation or unfair means. Beware—actions have consequences, and they may catch up with you, resulting in shame, disgrace, and dishonor.

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
Scroll by Hatestock on deviantART –

The Dragonborn’s Tale 17 – Welcome to Raven Rock

Chapter 17 - Raven Rock

Selene spent the entire half-day trip to Raven Rock vomiting into the sea. When land appeared on the horizon, she thanked Kynareth for small favors, but just because they were near land didn’t mean they were stopping. They continued on for another hour past miles of ash-covered shoreline. To the south, the Red Mountain puffed away, continually spewing smoke and ash into the gray sky. Occasionally they saw creatures like none Selene had ever seen floating above the ground or water. They were the size of a house, covered with a something like a tortoise shell that came to a long point at the back, no visible heads, and six long, blue tentacles that hung toward the ground. They bobbed and drifted, thrumming softly like a heartbeat while their underside pulsed with light.

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White Guard on YouTube

BlackWyrm Publishing has a channel on YouTube called Friday Fiction, in which local actors do readings from their books. This week, it’s the hubby’s and my turn! They’re reading a scene from The Order of the White Guard.

WARNING:   It’s not the best excerpt, and there’s s a reason these guys are local actors and not in Hollywood. The acting is…well, let’s just say we’re not watching Hugh Jackman here. But it’s still pretty cool.

Here’s the link: Enjoy! Or just laugh your arse off. Link