Skyrim Tarot 8 – Strength


8 - StrengthStrength is a card of the spiritual over the material, love over hate, the triumph of a higher nature. Someone has the ability to soothe others’ grief or solve their problems. It represents courage, will, quiet inner strength.

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Skyrim Tarot – Four of Swords

Swords - 4 REVISEDThe Four of Swords suggests a rest from strife, withdrawal, solitude, convalescence. Step back, rest and heal. Return to the basics. Meditate.

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Skyrim Tarot – Ten of Swords

Swords - 10 REVISEDThe Ten of Swords represents failure or disaster, pain, affliction, sadness, ruin or utter defeat, possibly a death. Depending on where it shows up in the reading, it could mean the worst is over or will be soon.

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Skyrim Tarot 15 – The World-Eater

15 - World-Eater NewThe World-Eater (The Devil in a conventional deck) represents bondage, addiction, temptation, greed, and lust. Possibly a dangerous substance, situation, or person. It could also indicate a choice upon which the seeker’s fate depends.

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
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The Dragonborn’s Tale 13 – Zu’u Unslaad

Chapter 13 - Selene, Gormlaith and Alduin

“This is amazing!” Selene whooped as she soared through the sky on Odahviing’s back.

“Your dovah blood makes you suited for flight. Would that you had wings, no?”

“I probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much if I could do it myself.”

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Why I Love Xanadu


Call me kooky, but I dearly love the 1980 movie Xanadu. Why, you ask? Because it’s an epic drama comprised of a deeply profound storyline in which all the characters learn valuable life lessons, Oscar-worthy acting, unmatchable special effects that would make Michael Bay jealous, a classic score, ground-breaking choreography, and Gene Kelly.

Well, okay, so it has Gene Kelly.

It may not be the best movie ever made, but sometimes, when you have one kid recovering from an appendectomy, one recovering from a near-fatal car crash, and another one on a class trip in Washington DC when they’re setting off bombs in Boston, you just need a little bit of fluff.

In one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Kira–aka a muse known as Terpsichore–comes to earth to help a guy named Sonny fulfill his dream, and of course they fall in love. The story is trite and cheesy and the acting isn’t great, but I have to admit the music is great. I love Electric Light Orchestra, and Olivia Newton-John, at the time, had one of the prettiest voices I’d ever heard. Then you have the dancing, the roller skating (which I was doing a whole lot of when the movie came out), the pretty lights and colors, and, of course, Gene Kelly. The funny part is, I never saw him in anything else.

Having a rough day/week/month/year? My recommendation to you is to say fuck it (pardon my French, but that part’s important), pour yourself a glass of wine, pop a Xanadu DVD into the player and treat yourself to an hour and a half or so of mindless fluff. Be sure to sing along, too, loud enough to disturb the neighbors if possible.

So. Guess what I’m doing this afternoon.

Thank God and Toyota. But mostly God.

I almost lost my baby yesterday. My 17-year-old rolled the car three times on the expressway and landed on the driver’s side in a ditch. But the seatbelt and the airbags did their job, and she walked away with only a few scratches.Nerves are frazzled, obviously (hers and mine), but we’re just so glad she’s safe. She says she’s never going to drive again, which is kind of hilarious, because she got a call from her uncle not two hours after the wreck to tell her he bought a new car and is giving her his. Tehee!

As for me, I’ve been having a crisis of faith lately, but I am 100% of the belief that this was a miracle.Crisis over. My religious views are still very open-minded, and I’m still not going to run out and join a church, but at least I believe now. This time yesterday, I really wasn’t so sure.

Thank you, God, for taking care of my little girl.