The Dragonborn’s Tale 10 – The Scroll

Chapter 10 - Selene and Brynjolf in Tower Mzark

It was dark but…not. It was a cave but…not. The air was warm and humid but not stuffy. Far above lay a ceiling of black stone, but azure light shone through millions of cracks and crevices. They were too far below to believe the light came in from the surface; more likely, the geodes in the stone gave off their own illumination. In fact, most of the natural formations emitted blue light. Everywhere they looked, pale blue mushrooms, many of them as tall as trees, glowed brightly, illuminating the cobblestone roads  and buildings. Even the boulders, grasses, and stalactites carried the same luminescence, and the cave was as bright as a moonlit night. The only things that didn’t glow blue were the cobblestones of the road and the tan stone and bronze of nearby Dwemer buildings and sculptures. Pale flakes of something like wisps from a dandelion floated through the air, never actually landing, just drifting along in the mist. Off to their left, dwarven pistons churned, and water rushed to their right. And they got all this before they even stepped off the balcony. They couldn’t see walls other than the one at their backs; the cave was vast, and it seemed the legends of Blackreach being the size of a city were true. They could see shadows of buildings and towers far away, although the mist obscured their distant view.

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Skyrim Tarot – Ace of Cups

Cups - AThe Ace of Cups offers a favorable outlook. It indicates truth in love or a new relationship. It can represent abundance, joy, health, a harmonious family life, spiritual nourishment, and fulfillment.

Border and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
Scroll by Hatestock on deviantART –
Waterfall brushes by midnightstouch on deviantART –

The Dragonborn’s Tale 9 – Ravings

Chapter 9 - Selene and Brynjolf

Although their trip from High Hrothgar was mostly uneventful, Selene and Brynjolf still had to brave the weather. They arrived in Winterhold late in the afternoon in the middle of a blizzard that put a chill even into their hardy, Nordic bones. They headed straight for the Frozen Hearth.

“The College of Winterhold is exclusive,” Brynjolf told her. “They don’t let just anybody walk in and wander around.”

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Skyrim Tarot – Ace of Staves

Staves - AThe Ace of Staves represents creativity, innovation, enterprise. It could indicate a new beginning, a birth, or family matters. Adventure may be in store.

Border, Skyrim logo, and artwork are screenshots, ©2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC
Scroll by Hatestock on deviantART –

The Dragonborn’s Tale 8 – Harsh Words

Chapter 8 - Selene and Paarthurnax

The trip from Sky Haven Temple, with only a day’s stop in Whiterun to give Vilkas the katana, was long and arduous. Selene and Brynjolf fought Forsworn, bandits, bears, a sabre cat, and two dragons, as well as freezing rain on the tundra and snow in the mountains . They nursed a lot of injuries, and they got very little sleep. By the time they arrived at the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead late on the evening of their eleventh day of travel, Selene had become quite adept at healing spells and they were in foul humor. Then again, Brynjolf had been in a bad mood ever since they had left the temple. He was happy most of the time, or at least good tempered; they rarely even argued. But during this trip, he was prone to snapping at Selene for little or no reason. Something was bothering him, but whenever she asked him what it was, he just said he was tired.

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The Order of the White Guard is Available!

Front Cover 600 dpi

The second edition of the book I wrote with the hubby, The Order of the White Guard, is now available on Amazon! The paperback is $15.95, and the Kindle version is $2.99. The Kindle version is also available as a free rental for Amazon Prime members. Check it out, and be sure to leave a review!

Dragonborn DLC

I just downloaded the new DLC, and I’m wondering if I should add it to my story. I’m thinking of either:

  • Tacking it onto The Dragonborn’s Tale, which would make it a long story
  • Doing a completely new story (still with Selene), but I don’t know what I would call it
  • Saving it for another character

Any thoughts?