The Dragonborn’s Tale 5 – Search and Rescue

Chapter 5 - Selene with EtienneSelene followed Malborn through the kitchen, where he had a brief discussion with the Khajiiti cook, who complained about him bringing a stranger in. After threatening to tell Elenwen about the cook’s moon sugar habit, she relented and he led Selene to a larder.

“Your gear is in that box,” he said, pointing to a chest in the corner. “Are you going to sneak around the embassy in your dress?”

“Unless you want me to do it naked.”

For a brief second, Selene thought Malborn was going to smile, but the elf suddenly remembered his terror and the grimace returned to his face. “Through that door. I’ll lock it behind you.”

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28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Eight

Last day! I’m really going to miss doing this every day. I had so much fun with it. Elspeth, you should come up with something else for us to take on.

2/28/13 Relationship with creator.  How do you feel about your character?  What do you like? Dislike?   Imagine how your character feels about you.

My husband says Selene is heavily based on me, but I honestly don’t see it. I love Selene. She’s smart and she’s strong, but she’s not afraid to show the few people she trusts her vulnerable side. I’ve enjoyed watching her grow throughout the stories. I like that although she’s a thief, she has managed to maintain some honor and integrity. What I don’t like is her tendency to run away from adversity, and I’m really glad she is working through that. It’s funny, she’s kind of like one of my children. I know that to make the story more compelling, she’s going to have to be injured and have heartache from time to time, but I hate to see her suffer, so it’s hard to write when she has pain and injury. I very briefly thought about killing Brynjolf, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, partly because I love him (since I’ve developed his character, he’s like one of my children, too) but mostly because Selene loves him so completely and I just can’t do that to her.

I think if someone asked Selene what she thought of me, she might say she likes me and trusts me not to make her do anything too outrageous or kill Brynjolf, but she wishes I was happier and had more spirit.

28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven

2/27/13 You can have a dinner party with anyone from the present game or in Tamriel’s history.  Who do you invite? Feel free also to include any gods from any pantheon. 

Selene is a Nord and a Companion. For her, a “dinner party” consists of carousing around a table crammed with meat, potatoes, and lots and lots of mead and wine. She would invite the Companions and the Guild, of course. Ben would definitely be there. She would also invite her dear friends Elisif the Fair and Falk Firebeard, as well as Belethor, Lydia, and Balimund. She most definitely would not invite Ulfric Stormcloak. Her husband and her ex in the same room with all that alcohol and all those fighters would be a very bad combination. Any gods from any pantheon, huh? I can see her sending out a polite invitation to Thor and any other Norse gods he might want to bring along with him. From Skyrim, she would invite Sanguine—it’s a party, right?—and also Nocturnal and Kynareth. She’d send the invite to Kynareth along with a request to bring strawberries.

The Dragonborn’s Tale 4 – Soiree

Chapter 4 - Selene and Elisif

Selene and Brynjolf arrived at the Sleeping Giant Inn only minutes after Delphine, who was standing at the door, peering down the street and scanning the woods across the river. “I don’t believe either of us was followed,” she told them, waving them inside. She nodded at Orgnar and proceeded through her room and downstairs to her secret chamber. “Any luck with Ulfric Stormcloak?”

“He has a man in Solitude,” Selene replied, “but they don’t actually have anybody at the Embassy. I’m sure you’ve heard about the Emperor by now.”

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28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Six

2/26/13 If your character would change one thing about his/herself, what would it be?

I think Selene would just as soon not be the Dragonborn. It hasn’t been too much of a burden up ’til now, but now that she’s doing “Dragonborn stuff” and working with Delphine (whom she despises), the magnitude of her calling is starting to sink in and she believes she’s nowhere near up to the task. She’s been so happy since she met Brynjolf and joined the Guild, but I picture a lot of stress and heartache in her future.

28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Five

2/25/13 Favorites (Food, plants, alchemy ingredients, weapons, types of armor, places to visit, etc.)

Selene loves venison and Black-Briar mead. She’s also particularly fond of strawberries, although in my headcanon, the only time she can get them is when Kynareth pays a visit. She knows a few alchemy recipes, but mostly she just loves the plants, and her favorite is nightshade. Lavender is her favorite scent, and when she’s not planning on sneaking, she uses scented soaps and oils that she got as a gift from Brynjolf. She uses the Nightingale bow and armor, both modified with the Enchantment Cleanser mod and enchanted to boost her Sneak, Light Armor, and Archery perks. Selene’s ears and nose are pierced, and she wears earrings and a nose ring that are enchanted to increase her sneaking ability. She may live in Riften, but she still thinks of Whiterun as home, and she visits as often as she can. She loves High Hrothgar, too, and though she doesn’t get up there as often as she likes anymore, she feels it’s a perfect place to get away, meditate, and just be.

28DCD Challenge – Day Twenty-Four

2/24/13 Everyday shit (What does a day-in-the life look like? What does their living space look like?  What does their wardrobe consist of?   How do you account for things like bathing in your headcanon?  What sorts of things have you added to the world to make it more interesting, this can be mods or just imaginings–depending if you are role playing or doing a fiction)

Everyday shit? What’s that?

In the story, Selene lives in Honeyside with Brynjolf. She has lots of books and a fairly large collection of weapons. She’s also recently acquired a bathtub, which sits in the kitchen. Before, she was just using a wash basin, and it was kind of inconvenient. I tend to ignore things like carrying water and dumping the tub out, relieving herself, stuff like that. They might add to realism, but they don’t really add to the story. She owns every dress in the game and even a few from mods. When she’s out and about, she usually opts for her Nightingale armor and always carries a weapon because, as the guards like to say, “Damn dragons could swoop down anytime,” but at home she likes a comfortable dress. One of her favorite things to do when it’s quiet is sit on the balcony with a bottle of mead and her husband, gaze out across the lake, and just commune with each other. They’re best friends in addition to lovers and coworkers, and they rarely run out of things to talk about. When she’s at home—which is rare—she usually spends her days and evenings in the Ragged Flagon and Cistern taking care of Guild business. It turns out she has a good head for business, and she actually enjoys the day-to-day more than she had expected. She’s happiest when she’s out adventuring, though, and she doesn’t mind leaving the business to Delvin and Vex so she and Brynjolf can go kill a dragon or pull off a heist.

EggsIn the game, however, Selene lives in Berts Breezehome Remodel ( She has a working shower and toilet and a game room, complete with bowling alley, pool table, chessboard, and archery range. There’s a cellar that sports a blacksmith area, arcane enchanter, alchemy lab, a huge armory, and stands to display armor, dragon priest masks, and dragon claws. A trap door leads to a secret cavern full of alchemy ingredients—flowers, fish, bees, you name it—plus an exit through a drainage grate outside Whiterun. Upstairs is a library that holds all of her books. I have the Unlimited Bookshelves mod (, and I have placed copies of all of Selene’s collectible items (Jagged Crown, Queen Bee statue, Horn of Jurgen Windcaller) on the shelves. She’s also placed the eggs she has collected from the Golden Egg Treasure Hunt ( on the shelves.