MtG, ESO Style – Molag Bal

Molag Bal

Nasty creature card. The core ability Undying means that after the card is placed in the graveyard and doesn’t already have a marker on it, it can be placed back on the battlefield in the control of the original caster with a +1/+1 marker. You just can’t keep the daedra down for long, especially the big guy.

Collaboration with the hubby and my girl, who took the screenshot

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MtG, ESO-Style – The Bard

The Bard

Magic: the Gathering card created at  This is a collaboration with the hubby. Pic is a photomanip from Elder Scrolls Online screenshots, ©2014, Zenimax Online.

For anybody who knows MtG, this is ESO’s answer to Timmy.

The Journal of Gwenyth Nightvale Three – Portals

3 - Cover Page ModifiedAs expected, Sandril towered over me. The Altmer mage was handsome—I think most Altmer men are, really—with silvery hair, hazel eyes, and a haughty manner. For all that he was a bit arrogant, he was actually very helpful. He sympathized with Vallanil’s plight and was glad to help his friend, although he let me know in no uncertain terms that it wasn’t an easy task to undertake.

“I hope you understand the difficulty of opening a portal at such a distance,” he complained.

“Well, if you think I’m asking too much—”

“No, no. Besides, you’re not the one asking. Vallanil is.”

“Nice to know you’d be there for me if I came to you for help,” I muttered.

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Gwenyth’s Journal Two – The Orchard

2 - Chapter PicAfter a few days of feeling cold and alone, I finally said yes to the vampire. I think I’m going to learn a lot from my new friend. His name is Vallanil Stormbringer, and he and his coven, who reside in a region called the Orchard, have taken me under their protection. In three days, I haven’t been disturbed by any of Coldharbour’s creatures, and no one has suggested or even joked about biting me. Many of the Orchard’s vampires chose to live in Coldharbour instead of Nirn, mostly because there is less of a threat to their kind here. It sounds crazy, but I guess there’s a sort of strange logic to it. They were able to come and go as they pleased, and they would go to Tamriel to feed, socialize with others, or even adventure like I do.

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Gwenyth’s Journal One – Coldharbour

Chapter Pic - WordPressI’ve thought about starting a journal for a while, but I never could find the inspiration; but my sister Kaawenyth told me once that I shouldn’t need inspiration for a journal. Just write what I think and feel. I replied that I’ve never been a big thinker or feeler, and she just laughed and said I was lying to myself. I guess she’s right. I mean, I’ve had the same lover since I was a child, and I’ve read every book in the Library of Elden Root—okay, not every book, but a lot of them. Mum and Da always stressed that it was just as important to be well read as it was to be good with a blade and a bow. I just never thought much about it. I guess I learned and just didn’t realize it. Huh.

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Introducing Gwenyth

I’m posting new fanfiction starting today. This is the Journal of Gwenyth Nightvale. Gwen is the product of a roleplay on Elder Scrolls Online, and throughout the story, you’ll meet lots of interesting characters created by my guildies. I hope you come to love Gwenyth as much as I do.

Don’t worry; Amelia and Kaawen’s stories haven’t stopped altogether. I’ve just got a slight case of writer’s block where they are concerned, and I hope to start writing them again soon.

Interesting side note: Gwenyth and Kaawen are sisters.

Screenshot Wackiness

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My health is always questionable, and I’ve been doing a lot of roleplaying in ESO, so my fanfic has been pushed to the back burner for a while. I hope to post more updates again soon, but in the meantime, I thought you might enjoy some hilarious screenshots I managed to snap.


Uh, sir, you need to park that outside.

Sir, you Need to Park that Outside



Werewolf Rides Again



So Interesting


Those Nords really know how to party.

Nord Dancing


I, uh, . . . um . . . yeah, there are no words for this one.

Skeleton Lute